Ben Huppe, a 2010 graduate of Seattle's Garfield High School who helped create a nonprofit that brings computers to developing nations, died in a car accident.

Troopers say he fell asleep early Saturday morning on his way to work, sending his car off a road and into a tree in Kitsap County.

Instead of focusing on the void that now exists in their lives, his parents are turning to his many achievements..

He was voted in his high school class, the most likely to change the world, said his dad, Bob Huppe. He had set out to do that I think.

Ben would have been a junior at Harvey Mudd College.

It s a small technology college in Southern California ... one of the best in the country, said Bob.

His parents say Ben s drive to change the world started at an early age.

By the time he hit sixth grade we couldn't keep up with him at all, said Bob.

That drive really emerged during an experience while attending Garfield High School.

He was in a class, where they repaired computers and took them to other countries, he took a trip to Chile, he left one kid, and we saw him come back in the airport, you could tell there was something different about him, said Bob.

That class ended, so Ben started his own nonprofit group - Technology Services Corps - to carry on the mission, personally helping kids in Guatemala, Ecuador and India.

I don't know how to make sense of this or how I'll lead my life in the future, but the world needs change, Ben knew that and he was willing to step up to that challenge and take it on and we re going to need other young people to do the same thing, said Bob.

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