STAR -- Four expert skydivers based out of Star, Idaho have potentially set a state-record for squirrel suit flight.

The skydivers donned wingsuits, better known as squirrel suits, in order to coast horizontally through the air in formation. Previously, there had not been a state record attempt at squirrel suit flying of any type, according to Skydive Idaho.

The record jump was performed by Bodee Johnson, Nick Rugai, Diego Calderoni, and Abbie Mashaal who all participate in skydives at the Skydive Idaho center in Star. The world-record attempt was sent to the United State Parachute Association (USPA) for validation.

The four squirrel suit pilots jumped in formation on June 24th while practicing for the upcoming skydiving festival at the Star Skydiving Center on July 13th. To set the record, they had to fly inside a grid formation that included specifications for 45 degree angles. The pilots were about 20 feet apart as they coasted for about 1.5 miles before deploying their parachutes.

The plan was drawn up quickly that morning, said Calderoni, a smoke jumper pilot for the BLM. We're all solid squirrel-suit pilots, so that morning while talking about new records to set or break at the festival we decided to just get one ready for breaking!

The jump has not been officiated by the USPA yet, but Mashaal expects to be notified of the record in about a week.

For more information about Skydive Idaho, you can visit the center's website.

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