BOISE -- Idaho stepped closer to requiring women to have an ultrasound of their fetus before terminating a pregnancy, a measure anti-abortion advocates hope will convince more women to opt against such a procedure.

Boise Sen. Chuck Winder's legislation cleared the Senate State Affairs Committee Wednesday on a 7-2 vote, with Republicans favoring it and Democrats voting against.

More than 200 people packed the emotional two-hour hearing.

Both sides were unwavering in their beliefs.

It will protect the dignity of women, it will protect the rights on women and it will ensure that women have access to medically accurate information regarding their pregnancy, said Brandi Swindell, founder Stanton Healthcare Group.

It puts the state between the doctor and the patient, ignores them both and overrules them both. A patient and a doctor are the very best two people in the room to be deciding healthcare issues, said Curtis Naeve who opposed the bill.

Several outbursts from the crowd had to be gaveled down. One woman afterward shouted, What happened to separation of church and state?

Meanwhile, anti-abortion activists announced plans to demonstrate an ultrasound procedure inside the Capitol.

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