SEATTLE - Seattle police are investigating an alleged rape of a patient at a nursing home care and rehabilitation center. The victim is a 34-year-old woman with a rare disease that makes it nearly impossible for her to speak or move.

Her family had just moved her from Harborview Medical Center to the Seattle Medical and Rehabilitation Center four days ago. Late Tuesday morning, the victim's mother received a call from the center, informing her that her daughter had been punched in the face and raped.

The victim's older sister, Rita, who doesn't want to be identified, talks through her tears of the horrific ordeal she says her sister endured at the nursing home facility that was supposed to be caring for her.

She's covered up in a blanket, crying, looking confused and scared, said Rita.

The victim suffers from Joseph Macado Disease-- a rare genetic disorder that affects the muscles, but not the brain. Leaving her unable to talk, unable to move, but fully able to understand everything around her.

She's a young girl, she's only 34. To be taken advantage of, is so scary, says her sister.

Rita describes how her sister told her sometime overnight, a male worker at Seattle Medical and Rehabilitation Center raped her - removing her feeding tube in the process. She was helpless. Rita asked her sister to show her where she was touched.

She said the upper part, she tried to touch the bottom part, then she kept pulling at her feeding tube saying he was pulling out her feeding tube.

The family says they only learned of the alleged assault Tuesday morning, not from the director of the facility, but by someone who said they worked there and wanted to remain anonymous.

I just want this man brought to justice, said Rita, I don't know how long he's been doing it but it's wrong, totally wrong.

Through yes and no questions, the victim has identified a man who works at the facility as the man who attacked her. Seattle police are investigating.

Calls to the Executive Director of Seattle Medical and Rehabilitation Center have not been returned.

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