Candy Experiments
You know it's coming! Your little princess or pirate will be hauling in buckets of Halloween candy in a matter of days. If you dread the thought of them devouring every piece of their Trick or Treat bounty, a Kirkland, Washington mother of three has a sweet idea to make those treats disappear. Loralee Leavitt says turn the candy into a science experiment you can do with your kids.
*Kids will love watching what happens when you mix Pixy Sticks with baking soda and waterto test for acid.
*Or dissolve Skittles in water and layereach color in a bowl for a beautiful rainbow, and an experiment on density.

Leavitt created a website called She lists all sorts of concoctions you can make with your kids, mixing candy, science, and fun. And after a few eye opening discoveries, they might be willing to give up more candy than you think!

Pretty Pumpkin Decorations
How long are you going to let that pumpkin sit around before you carve it? Thanks to our friends at you can put away the sharp knives this year! Check out their awesome ideas for decorating your pumpkin with sparkles, sugar, and paint. No carving is required. Your kids can get in on the action and the pumpkin guts can stay in tact. Their website has photos and instructions to help you make lots of easy pumpkin creations. Have a fun and safe Halloween!

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