We've tackled a lot of tough issues here on NorthWest Families including teen suicide, bullying, and dating violence. Families in our region are dealing with these very difficult problems every day. Now we re proud to be part of a new campaign of compassion called Rachel's Challenge. It's named after the first victim of the Columbine High School shootings, 17 year old Rachel Scott. She was gunned down April 20th, 1999 when two students went on a shooting spree at Columbine High killing 12 schoolmates and a teacher. Saddled with grief, Rachel s father Darrell Scott began hearing amazing stories about how she had touched the lives of her classmates with simple acts of kindness. She was often the first to say hello to the new kid in class. He heard about how Rachel protected another kid who was being bullied. She hoped to start a chain reaction of kindness. Now, her dad is continuing that mission by touring schools around the country inspiring students to start their own chain reactions of kindness. Over the next year we ll feature some of the efforts from our region, in our Northwest Families segment and throughout our newscasts. You can check the Rachel s Challengesection of our website weekly for updates and for information about how your school can get involved.

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