Take Two to Fight Chickenpox

If you've ever had chickenpox you know the misery. Now, thanks to vaccines our kids don't have to. But it turns out just one chicken pox vaccine isn't enough to ward off the illness.
The CDC recommends that children also get a booster shot. And a recent study proves why. Researchers at Yale University found that two doses of the vaccine are 98% effective at preventing chickenpox, while one dose is only 86% effective. And health care providers want to get the word out because right now only one out of every two children is not getting a second dose.

Too Much To Do?

Are you and your kids getting burned out juggling after school and weekend activities? Join the club! These days, kids are busier than ever shuttling between sports, music lessons and more. It's not easy to find the right balance between structured activities and much needed downtime where they can just play.
We all want our kids to stay busy and have new experiences but experts caution against over scheduling. They say younger children tend to need more free playtime than older kids, so give your child plenty of opportunities to participate in activities that bring out their talents. But remember to squeeze in some time to let kids just be kids.

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