BOISE -- Christmas may be over, but you may have wrapping paper, cards, trees and other litter sticking around.

To help out with that, residents of Ada and Canyon County are being encouraged to recycle Christmas.

One of the first things that can be recycled is the Christmas tree.

In Ada County, trees are collected on the regular trash pick-up day. They must be set away from regular trash carts and cans and be 100 percentdecoration-free, which includes tinsel and any spray-on materials. They must alsobe cut into four-foot lengths.

In Boise, Eagle, Ada County, curbside pickup will befromDecember 27to January 7 on the regular trash day. In Garden City, curbside pickup will be from January 3 to7 on theregular trash day.
You can also drop off trees free of charge at theHidden Hollow Landfill until January 29. There is no size limitation on trees brought to landfill. (Landfill is closed New Years Day.)
Another option if you want to drop off your tree is theAllied Waste Transfer Station, which will have separate drop off boxes for City of Boise and Ada County residents until January 22 free of charge.

The City of Nampa will accept Christmas trees for recycling from December 26 through January 10.Trees may be dropped off at Kohlerlawn Cemetery from 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.There are signs to followfor the exact drop-off location. These trees must be free of stands, lights, ornaments, tinsel and other objects.

By recycling the trees, residents can help save landfill space. The trees in all cases will be mulched or chipped for use as landscaping material, animal bedding and an energy source.

Last year, theCity of Boise said the program helped keepnearly 11,000 trees from the going into the landfill.

In conjunction with the regular winter residential cleanup program, Boise residents are also encouraged to set out bundled branches (less than 4 feet in length and tied together) and any remaining bags of leaves for recycling from December 27 to January 7 on regular trash day.

Other Holiday Recyclables

Many other items from the holidays can be recycled or at least reused.


-Gift boxes
-Tissue paper
-Shoe boxes
-Holiday cards/envelopes (if not laminated, foil, or glittery)
-Paper gift bags
-Wrapping paper (if not laminated, foil, or glittery)

Items that should be considered for reuse or should be properly put in the trash include bubble wrap, ribbons and bows, tree decorations, sticky gift labels and foam packing peanuts.

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