BOISE -- Fireworks stands opened for business in Boise Wednesday, but before you buy check to see if you can shoot them off where you live.

Ada County has a firework ban for some areas; the foothills, unincorporated areas and places where the county does not have fire department protection.

If you're outside of a fire district it's obviously dangerous because there is no fire protection, so a fire can start in those areas. Last year we responded to at least 50 calls for illegal fires on the 4th of July, said Boise Fire Chief Dennis Doan.

With the Fourth of July fast approaching firework salesman are expecting fast business, They are probably really exciting to people. People like to blow them off, light them off, said TNT Fireworks manager Barry Kelso.

While customers are excited, fire officials remain cautious. They know how dangerous fireworks can be in a dry, hot summer.

You wouldn't believe how quickly an oily arborvitae can go up and cause a fence fire or a neighborhood's fire, said Chief Doan.

For those who do plan to shoot off fireworks in legal areas, Doan has a few reminders.

Be safe, like when they first light them, don't stand there and watch them. Get away from them. Because you never know what might happen. We might have a defective one; it might go up.

Additionally fire officials stress that it is still illegal to use fireworks that leave the ground or explode everywhere.

The Nampa Fire Department says Canyon County does not have any laws about where you can use fireworks, but that fireworks that explode or leave the ground are still illegal.

For a map of where you can use fireworks this Fourth of July click here.

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