HAPPY VALLEY, Ore. -- An aggressive door-to-door sales company in the Portland area is leaving town a week earlier than they were ordered.

The T&B company has been selling a cleaner called Advantage without a permit, authorities said.

The Clackamas County sheriff's office received two complaints about their sales tactics last week. The company had been ordered out of the area and said they would be out by May 30.

A Happy Valley couple who asked for anonymity said they recognized the sales pitch and product from prior KGW reports about pushy T&B sales reps using abusive language from Vancouver to Aloha to Sweet Home.

Deputies advised neighbors to not even engage them in conversation, and to just explain to them that you're not interested and close the door.

However not everyone complained about the sales pitch. Patricia Mohr sent an email to KGW and said she wanted to let people know that the sales team visited her home in Portland and she had no complaints. I had two sales people stop by. They were both courteous, personable and in no way intimidating, Mohr said. I am disabled and they were each in my house. They were chatty, even when I said, 'no.'

T&B sales has a troubled history in Oregon. In 2008, the attorney general's office issued a consumer alert after sales reps were charge with fraud, theft and illegal drug activity.

Company president Timothy Burgess said the abusive language certainly is not a part of their training process. But he offered no recourse for people subjected to such behavior. He did offer an apology.

The AG has this web page for fraud complaints. You can also call (877)-877-9392 toll free.

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