EMMETT, Idaho-- A new sawmill in Emmett is set to go into full swing next month.

The mill has been in the works since 2002 and will bring almost 50 jobs to Gem County.

Federal stimulus money partially funded the new Emerald Forest Products mill.

Majority owner Richard Vinson says this is the perfect place and perfect time for the mill to open.

It's a great spot here, and we've been at it for quite a few years. Now it's coming to fruition. The timing is great the market is much better and we're excited to be here, said Vinson.

Vinson is from Montana and owns another saw mill there near the Idaho border.

The mill will specialize in cutting large trees, 2 x 4 boards, and 4 x 4 boards.

They also have contracts with Home Depot and will provide dust-free shaving for animal bedding.

The property the mill sits on was purchased from Boise Cascade which pulled its mill in 2001.

And 47 employees will run the mill once it s fully operational.

Vinson says about 85 percent of those jobs will be from the Gem County.

Salaries at the mill will pay well over $10 an hour, according to Vinson.

Workers at the plant say having this mill in Emmett will be a great benefit to the city.

I think it's an awesome thing for Emmett. For the industry it may move some more people in, said Archie Walker.

They kept me busy through the tough times and keep giving people a lot of jobs. Yeah, there's been a few people that have been unemployed that got hired on, said Kris Windmann.

The total cost of the mill is $11.5 million. Of that, $4 million is funded through federal stimulus dollars.

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