To Spank or Not to Spank

Do you spank your children? A new study out shows spanking might come back to bite you later on. A survey, conducted by Tulane University found those who reported spanking their children more than twice in the past month had more agressive five year olds. The same was true even after researchers accounted for other factors,like alcohol use at home and stressed parents. Pediatricians recommend against spanking, but surveys show most parents, about 90-percent,approve of spanking as a form of punishment.

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Moms Confess

Who do you turn to when you're all stressed out and you've reached your limit? We found a place where moms can let it all hang out and not worry what people think about you. The Web site allows women to vent about anything, from their kids being annoying topost partum depression. The site has separate categories for moms, military wives, brides and more.

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