ASTORIA, Ore. -- A family searched for answers, after a four-year-old girl was mauled to death in Astoria by the family's Rottweiller.Ashlynn Anderson,age 4, died from her injuries after being rushed to a Portland hospital after the attack.

She loved those dogs, she played with them all the time, said Jesse Browning, the girl's stepfather. (She) was just outside for a couple of happened so fast.

Pamela Frost of the American Rottweiler Club has five dogs of her own. She says her heart aches for the little girl killed by the family s Rottweiler.

Frost said the breed is considered a gentle giant but but Rottweilers are animals, and all animals can be unpredictable. It's an unfortunate reflection on the breed but it's really a reflection on an individual dog (rather) than the breed as a whole, said Frost.

The girlwas the stepdaughter of Jesse Browning, who appears with his father on The History Channel's show about the logging industry called Ax Men.

The family's Rottweiler, Cornelia, was in the back yard but somehow jumped the fence and attacked Ashlynn in the front yard.

The girl's mother heard Ashlynn scream, and came out to find the dog over her daughter, according to Clatsop County Sheriff Tom Bergin. Ashlynn was flown to a Portland hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

She was the brightest little girl you could ever think of, said Jesse Browning. She was so smart, so full of energy, so full of love.

The attack happened four months after officers had taken a Rottweiler from the same home after it bit an adult family member. That dog was destroyed.

The two Rottweilers at the Browning home have been quarantined. There was no word whether the dog that killed Ashlynn would be put down.

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