Video: Auto dealer fails to pay off loan

In June Jonathan Wicks bought a 2006 Dodge pickup truck. It looks like a brute.

"Big Dodge Ram, 4x4 SLT trim," he said.

But inside it's a beaut.

"Wood trim, navigation system," he continued.

Jonathan served his country in Iraq in the 101 Airborne. As an infantryman he guarded embedded journalists and chaplains on the battlefield.

Now his credit is taking a hit from the place where he bought his truck - Evergreen Sales and Lease in Federal Way.

The Tacoma resident traded in his Honda SUV and the business promised to pay off the $18,000 note for this former foot soldier.

"They were supposed to pay off the vehicle within 10 days. Now it's been over 100 days and it hasn't been paid off yet," said Jonathan.

Evergreen Sales and Lease tried on September 4 to pay off the note, but the check bounced, twice. Now Jonathan is on the hook for the cash.

"It's affecting my credit and my credit score keeps dropping. Now they are putting a repossession order on my car that I ordered in June," he said.

So I decided to stop by Evergreen Sales and Lease on Highway 99 in Federal Way looking for John Tsakonas, the owner.

No one would answer my questions and they kicked me off the property. After waiting on the sidewalk for a little while, a really nice lady by the name of Sarah Knutson who works at Evergreen Sales and Lease came to speak with me.

"They thought it was taken care of," she said. "So he [John Tsakonas] told the office manager to get a cashier's check and get it taken care of right away."

That's cool. But after she left, out comes bankruptcy attorney Stephen Freeborn.

Jesse Jones: "So what happened? Why did the check bounce?"

Stephen Freeborn: "I don't know why. I just got here. I'm just here to tell you that it's being resolved. It's being resolved right now."

Jesse Jones: "How will I know it's resolved?"

Stephan Freeborn: "Give me a call."

But Jonathan called me first to say the check was overnighted to the bank.

"After you went there it seemed to turn everything around, and they got a check the next day," said Jonathan.

The Department of Licensing is also looking into this and they will be auditing the business in the next few weeks to makes sure there aren't any more problems, even though the company says it was a "clerical error."

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