Video: AmEx takes 4 years to pay back overpay

Mark Baker's problem with American Express was no laughing matter. He's spent four years trying to get back $4500 they owed him.

It started when the Renton resident and home builder sent AMEX a $500 check to pay his corporate card.

Instead of $500, $5000 was taken out of his bank account.

"We got a copy of the check that indeed says $500 even with 5-zero-zero-slash," he said.

Easy enough to catch, harder to fix.

American Express said they would send money Mark's way to make it right. Years later, Mark still hasn't seen a cent.

"They acknowledged it in a letter that they made an error and they were crediting it back to US Bank, but they never got it," he said.

Both American Express and Mark's bank, US Bank, said they could not find the $4,500 and both told him to get the other one to fix it.

"We kept getting the runaround," said Mark.

So Mark reached out and contacted us.

Long story short, his money had been sitting in a third bank - one that processes American Express's accounts.

Once we got the ball rolling, Mark finally got his money back.

American Express also apologized to Mark and gave him a goodwill credit of $200 for the trouble. We're glad they finally took care of it.

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