Changes are coming to what you will pay to park in 22 different areas around Seattle.

The Seattle Department of Transportation announced the changes to parking rates. You will pay more in a number of places and may have to pay to park later in some areas. Rate are decreasing in a few spots.

The most expensive place for on-street parking in the city will soon be the core of Pioneer Square, where rates will be $4 per hour from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m.

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Seattle has been experimenting with varying rates and hours to get people to park for shorter periods of time and open up spaces more frequently.

It looks good on paper, but from behind the wheel, the view is quite different.

Why not just make it 24/7? asked Seattle resident Mark Olsen. It's getting ridiculous. It's just going to keep people at home.

More and more cities across the country are implementing this sort of parking scheme. Seattle is roughly on par with San Francisco for parking rates.

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Five areas will be added to the After 5 p.m. program, where paid parking is extended to 8 p.m. Previously drivers could park for free after 6:00 p.m. These areas include:

  • Ballard Core around Market Street
  • Fremont commercial area
  • Green Lake
  • 12th Avenue between East Madison/East Union and East Jefferson
  • Cherry Hill surrounding the Swedish Medical Center

Areas where hourly parking rates will increase 50 cents:

  • Capitol Hill North
  • Chinatown/International District core
  • Denny Triangle South
  • Pike and Pine Streets between Minor Avenue and East Madison Street
  • South Lake Union, 2 hour and 10 hour time limit areas
  • University District core
  • Uptown Triangle, southeast of Broad Street, north of Denny Way, and west of SR 99

Areas where parking will decrease 50 cents:

  • Chinatown/International District periphery
  • Denny Triangle North
  • University District periphery
  • Ballard periphery
  • Belltown North

Due to high parking demand in the summer near the Ballard Locks, SDOT is instituting seasonal rate changes. From May through September, parking will be $2 per hour. During off-months, October to April, parking will drop to $1 per hour.

The rate in Pioneer Square will drop in the mornings because of low occupancy and will be raised in the afternoon due to high demand.

SDOT will decrease the time limit from seven hours to four hours on Westlake Avenue North between Aloha Street and McGraw Street.

Most of these changes won't take effect until the end of the summer or later. Some, though, like the rate hikes along Pike & Pine will be enforced before the end of August.

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