Rescue crews were called to the High Steel Bridge in Mason County Tuesday afternoon to aid a man with a possible broken leg.

The Mason County Sheriff s Office said the 25-year-old man from Bremerton apparently slid down an embankment. Rescuers hoisted the victim up to the top of the bridge, where medics were waiting.

The man, identified as Raymond Horton, was taken to Mason General Hospital with a leg injury.

At 420 feet, the bridge is the state s highest. It s located 20 miles north of Shelton. It was originally built by the Simpson Timber Company in 1929 as a railroad bridge over the south fork of the Skokomish River.

The Sheriff's Office said the technical rope rescue was dangerous and difficult because the banks are very steep.

For those trying to get a handle on how high is 420 feet, for a normal buildling, each story is 10 feet, so it is like a 42-story building, the Sheriff's Office said via Twitter.

A YouTube video illustrates how high the bridge is, and how steep the banks are.

In a dramatic helicopter rescue below the bridge in 2010, Whidbey Island Navy rescuers reached a girl who fell off a cliff into the river.

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