SEATTLE - President Obamawill be in Seattle Tuesday for a fundraiser. Usually, before Air Force One touches down in the Puget Sound, a local chef has already received the call to cook for the Commander-in-Chief.

InsideTutta Bella, cooking up wood-fired oven pizzas fast is the restaurants specialty. But a Presidentialorder in 2012 was truly a test, according to manager Ian Kasman.

The request was made for a delivery to happen. Now delivery is not something
Tutta Bella normally does, but the moment the word President is uttered, the word 'no' is no longer part of the conversation, said Kasman.

said the restaurantfound a way to make their kitchen mobile, and prepared 30 pizzas for President Obamaat Paine Field.

The story actually starts in 2010, explained Kasman. Joe Fugere, the owner of
Tutta Bella, actually sat down with Obama, a few other small business owners, and the Commerce Secretary prior to the signing of the small business jobs act.

After that meeting, the President said he wanted to try Tutta Bella's pizza one day, and that eventually led to the 2012
delivery at Paine Field. Other Puget Sound business owners have catered for the President too, like Top Pot donuts and Chef Tom Douglas.

As for the upcoming fundraiser, a well-known, local chef is expected to cook for President Obama. However, the details are being kept secret for now.The Chef is not revealing anything until after tomorrow's event.

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