It's that time of the year, cookie time! Pretty soon you'll see little girls in their uniforms all over town selling those hard to resist Girl Scout cookies.
But behind every cookie there are skills that will serve the girls long after they've grown out of scouting. They re learning to set goals, make decisions, manage money, and interact with people.

Troops use the money they earn to fund camps and activities. They also contribute donations to community service organizations. Tukwila, Washington Troop # 41107 donated their earnings to help buy a horse for Camp River Ranch in Carnation. Now they re raising money for a local food bank.

If you like your cookies with a twist, the Girl Scouts are holding a recipe contest.
It s amazing what you can do with a box of Samoas! Vote for your favorite recipe. The winner gets $250 and 24 boxes of cookies. Now that s a stash to envy.

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