PORTLAND -- Police found chains, rope and zip ties inside the van of a violent kidnapping suspect.

Investigators fear Kelly Swoboda could be responsible for other unsolved crimes.

Last month, the 49-year old armed suspect was shot and killed by police across the street from Wilson High School. Officers were following up on reports of a suspicious man driving around Southwest Portland when the confrontation occurred.

Swoboda had been on the run since January. Police said he kidnapped an employee at an Oak Grove-area tanning salon. The woman, bound with duct tape, got away by jumping out of her attacker's van.

It's rarely the first time a person behaves like this, they normally have a history, said Dr. Kevin McGovern, a forensic psychologist. McGovern is not involved in this case.

According to police reports, Swoboda's brother told investigators that police had contact with Kelly Swoboda in 1993 or 1994. The reports show a Clackamas County deputy was investigating either a missing woman or a rape case. The outcome of that case was not clear.

According to a search warrant, investigators found chains and a yellow nylon rope with a padlock inside Swoboda's van after he was shot and killed in March.

This was secured with the padlock to the chair rails on the floor of the van, said Detective Marry Nunn of the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office. Investigators also found latex gloves and a bag of zip ties.

It's paraphernalia that people normally use in a crime of abduction, and of rape, and in some cases murder, said McGovern.

Kelly Swoboda had a long rap sheet, with multiple convictions for bank robberies. Police said he often traveled between Portland and Reno, Nevada.

Police also found a box of Girl Scout cookies inside the kidnapping suspect's van.

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