SPOKANE, Wash.--A new report released Tuesday shows Spokane has some of the worst road conditions in Washington State. It said drivers spend hundreds of dollars a year fixing their cars because streets in the area are so bad.

The report from a national nonprofit research calculated the average Spokane driver loses more than $1,400 per year because of traffic, poor road conditions and not enough safety features. The study finds that driving on City streets, state highways and the freeway is getting worse.

Spokane drivers are dealing with increasingly congested roadways and as a result they're wasting time and fuel every single day, said Carolyn Kelly with TRIP Transportation Research Group.

POTHOLE PATROL: Enter a problem area

The non-profit that put together the report is funded by the transportation industry. The study found 68% of major roads are in poor or okay condition, higher than the state average.

Local leaders said this is a reminder of the need to invest in transportation. They point to the North South Freeway as a key improvement to the roads and bringing in more business.

We need to get the congestion off of Division, get the trucks onto a new corridor. We need the freight mobility capability that the North Spokane Corridor has when it gets completed to the interstate, said Rich Hadley with Greater Spokane, Inc.

The report highlighted a lack of funding at the state level. It showed a shortfall in the budget for transportation over the next several years is going to make conditions worse in the state.

Local leaders said the public has to push elected officials to make road improvements a higher priority.

I think people have to realize that if they're late to work because of damage to their car or they have to take a detour because a bridge is out, that's costing them, said Hadley.

The entire road report is available here.

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