SPANGLE, Wash. -- Melting snow and heavy rain this week led to heavy flooding in the town of Spangle - flooding neighbors think could have been avoided.

The Spangle Creek overran its banks three weeks ago. That happened again Wednesday. Along a three-block stretch, houses were surrounded and basements were flooding.

As the water bubbled up along the banks of the creek, tensions were rising as fast as the water levels.

I think it's a little ridiculous because a few years ago, they were supposed to clean the ditch lines out, said Spangle resident Rhonda Twitt.

Twitt and other neighbors said the creek is not being dredged so it fills up with mud, garbage, and weeds, creating a frustrating mess.

Yeah, I think that it would really help keep that creek in balance and down in its banks if it were deepened a little bit for the length of the creek, said Lela Currie. As silt gets in it, it fills into the farm land and into some of the house here in Spangle.

Merwin Currie has owned his home on Old State Road 195 for 42 years. He said the EPA would not touch the creek because officials do not want to disturb the natural habitat.

I haven't figured out what they're protecting [in] the environment yet because it sure makes a mess, said Currie.

I pray for my community and I hope these people that lost their homes were able to get another place to stay with their children and families, said Twitt.

The EPA office was closed at the time KREM 2 News reached out to them for comment.

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