SPRAGUE, Wash. The mayor of Sprague recently called KREM 2 News to announce that a building which partially collapsed after a storm in September was finally getting demolished. Work began Wednesday, but much to everyone s surprise the partially collapsed building is still there and may be for some time.

A former veterinary clinic was demolished, but that is not the building that partially collapsed.

WATCH: Sprague building collapse hurting nearby businesses

Instead, the building which gave way during heavy rainfall is still a pile of rubble. City leaders condemned the building and the veterinary clinic next-door.

It would be pretty easy to sneak in there, so it's just a big hazard, said Zeth Swanger.

Yet, on Wednesday only one of the buildings came down.

Surprise, surprise... but the collapsed building, the eyesore building that we really wanted down, remains, said Mayor John Eagleson.

He and other city officials expected contractors would demolish both. So, KREM 2 News looked into where the mix-up happened.

I'm not sure if we got all of the information from the contractors that we should have got, proclaimed Eagleson. And it is amazing that even today, communication 101 seems to be elusive to some people.

The Lincoln County building inspector told KREM 2 News that even he remained under the impression that both buildings would be demolished. Yet, demolition crew said they had a contract to take down the former veterinary clinic only. KREM 2 News learned that the veterinary clinic owner had insurance. The other building owner did not.

We always assumed and we let the council and the residents of Sprague know that both buildings would be brought down on this day, said Eagleson. We are hoping that maybe he can get it cleaned up soon.

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