HILLSBORO, Ore. The woman accused of fleeing the scene after she hit and killed two Forest Grove girls took the stand in her own defense Tuesday.

Cinthya Garcia Cisneros, 18, was arrested on Oct. 22 for hitting and killing Abigail Robinson, 11, and her 6-year-old stepsister, Anna Dieter-Eckerdt. The two step-sisters (pictured aove) had been playing in a leaf pile near their house when they were struck by the SUV that Cisneros was driving.

Cisneros testified Tuesday that she thought she had hit a rock or branch and didn't know until much later that she had actually hit the girls.

I couldn't react to it. I spent all night telling myself that it wasn't true. And then to find out it was true, she said, breaking down.

The victims' families were visibly shaken throughout the testimony.

The district attorney argued that Cisneros knew moments after she drove through the leaves that she had hit at least one girl, adding that she initially lied to police. It wasn't until three days after the girls were killed that Cisneros confessed, when pressed by police.

She was arrested with her boyfriend, 18-year-old Mario Echeverria. He was later sentenced to 13 months in prison for taking the SUV to a car wash to destroy evidence after the collision.

Cisneros confessed during police questioning

According to court documents obtained by KGW, Cisneros acknowledged during the police questioning that she drove into a pile of leaves for fun and then heard a 'bump,' but continued to drive on. She said she did not know at the time that the girls were in the leaves.

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Neither side disputes that the accident occurred, only that Cisneros may or may not have known she hit someone and failed to stop.

Cisneros is on trial for failing to perform the duties of a driver to injured persons.

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