My kids love watching movies. I rely on the film rating system as my first, although not only, clue about whether certain films are appropriate for them. So imagine how surprised I was to hear about a new study that found PG 13 movies released last year contained more gun violence than R rated films. The findings come from an Ohio State University and University of Pennsylvania survey of gun violence in top grossing movies.

Critics of the film ratings system say it needs an over hall because it places too much emphasis on sexuality and not enough on violence. The PG-13 rating cautions parents that the movie may include material inappropriate for children under 13. The R rating restricts people under the age of 17 from attending the movie without a parent or guardian.

Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson, of Seattle Children's Hospital, says parents have to be proactive and watch at least part of the movie with your child. If you re already concerned with the level of aggression in your child s behavior then say No to movies that might feed that aggression.

Another great tool for your parental toolbox is the movie review section at Common Sense Media.
You'll find all sorts of resources for parents and kids. They also have movie reviews to help you determine if that new flick is really age appropriate for your child.

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