PORTLAND The Oregon Zoo has another little baby otter to coo over.

North American river otter Tilly gave birth to a new 5-ounce baby on Nov. 8, zoo officials said.

But baby what?

We re pretty sure this pup s a male, said Julie Christie, the zoo s senior North America keeper. But Tilly is very protective, so we can t be positive until our vets conduct a more thorough exam.

The zoo welcomed Tilly s first baby boy otter named Mo (short for Molalla) in Jan. The newest pup doesn t yet have a name, but will probably be named after a local river, Hova Hajarian with the Oregon Zoo said. Mother Tilly is named after the Tillamook River.

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Mother and son (we think) are currently in a maternity den, and Hajarian said it would be another month or two before they will be on public display at the zoo s Cascade Stream and Pond habitat. After the new pup comes out of the den, Tilly will have to teach him to swim.

A video of Tilly teaching Mo to swim (see below) drew more than half a million views on the zoo s YouTube channel, Hajarian said.

Above, photos of new baby and Tilly teaching Mo to swim.

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