SPOKANE, Wash.--The Washington State Liquor Control Board workers came to Spokane on Wednesday to explain how to get a license to grow and sell marijuana.

The meeting happened after Spokane County decided where they will allow pot shops to set up once the licenses are available.

Marijuana licenses in Washington will not be available until 2014. Local and state leaders are preparing to figure out who will get to be in that business in the future.

Marijuana growers and sellers have the chance to apply for a license in Washington State beginning on November 18, 2013. Anyone interested will have 30 days to turn in their application.

More than 200 people have registered to learn more about becoming a producer, processor or retailer.

This has been a really good process, this is our third city we've been to, we've got four more coming, I think people have been generally appreciative of this opportunity about what this thing is going to look like, said Alan Rathbun, Licensing and Regulations Director.

Spokane County leaders decided to keep the marijuana industry in commercial and industrial sections of the county.

The zoning rules will likely keep marijuana businesses in areas far from large neighborhoods with a lot of homes. There could be places where shops come close to residential areas in the rural parts of the county.

There will be a limit of seven retail licenses in the unincorporated county. There will be eight more licenses in the City of Spokane and there will an additional seven in the City of Spokane Valley.

Leaders with the Liquor Control Board said they will use a lottery if there is more demand for licenses to sell marijuana to the public than they have available.

It will be fair, equitable and it will be witnessed by an independent group, said Rathbun.

Staff in Spokane County hope to have maps of where you can setup a marijuana business available by the end of the week.

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