Last month, Seattle Police announced they would go undercover as 49ers fans. Now they are planning another undercover operation.

This time, they may pose as dancers at FreakNight. The event will be held on Halloween weekend at WaMu Theater at CenturyLink. It's expected to draw thousands of people and perhaps an unwelcome guest.

When we are talking about Molly, specifically, that does concern us. says Seattle Police spokesman Sgt. Sean Whitcomb.

Molly is a form of MD-MA, the chemical in Ecstasy.

It's often mixed with cocaine, meth and bath salts, and it can be deadly.

Last summer at a Columbia Gorge concert, where Molly was reportedly prevalent, 70 patients were rushed to local hospitals. More than half were treated for drug issues.

For 21-year-old Patrick Witkowski, it was fatal.

At the time, Washington State Toxicology Lab Manager, Brian Capron said, At high doses, you can be unable to regulate temperature, causes damage to liver, heart and kidneys.

Molly is now glamorized. Miley Cyrus sings about it and even got a Molly doll on Saturday Night Live last weekend.

There's nothing cute or adorable or funny about the drug Molly says Whitcomb.

To make Molly arrests, Seattle Police are planning a scary undercover action at FreakNight. So, beware, the freak dancing next to you could be a cop.

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