Seattle Police are leading an investigation into a hazing incident that occurred at the arboretum.

Police say eight students are believed to be instigators in the incident.

The principal of Garfield High School said an anonymous tip led him to the arboretum last Friday afternoon and he witnessed up to 100 students engaged in a hazing incident -

He wrote - in a letter to parents - that some students were in diapers, getting paddled, had eggs thrown at them, and forced to drink alcohol.

Parents say it is an issue - known as froshing - that has come up year after year .

So this has been a topic of discussion every year... that we've been at Garfield and before that. We know parents who were ahead of us.I know that the general PTA meeting after homecoming was derailed by parents concerns about hazing even when there was much less of it, said John Eickelberg, Vice President of the Garfield PTSA.

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