PORTLAND -- A one-eyed kitten with a disfigured jaw has become an Internet sensation after he was rescued and his foster mother created a Facebook page for him.

Sir Stuffington and his two siblings were taken to the Multmonah County Animal Shelter on September 13, according to the shelter. The kittens were about 6 weeks old.

In addition to being filthy, covered with fleas, and suffering from an upper respiratory infection, it was clear he had survived some sort of traumatic injury that caused a disfigured jaw and the loss of one eye, the shelter's blog post reads. He also has a heart murmur and flea anemia.

But his foster mother, Blazer Schaffer, has been taking care of him and sharing his progress on the Sir Stuffington Facebook page, which had nearly 25,000 likes by Monday morning.

Visitors to the page can see more photos of Sir Stuffington, and can learn how to help the shelter by volunteering, fostering or donating. They will also be able to find out when Sir Stuffington and his siblings will be available for adoption.

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