What s old is new again.

The new owners of Tully s Coffee announced Wednesday they will replace the green T atop the Rainier Brewery building in Seattle with a red Rainer R, similar to the one that adorned the Seattle skyline for some 50 years.

The R was replaced with the T in 2000 by Tully s, but Michael Avenatti, the Chairman of Global Baristas, LLC says that was a mistake.

The Rainier 'R' has deep historical meaning to the Seattle community, and from the moment we began pursuing the purchase of Tully's, we were hopeful we could help facilitate the return of the 'R. said Avenatti in a statement. That part of the Seattle skyline has always truly belonged to the 'R' - some things should never change and this is one of them.

Tully s says the new R should be installed in November. The original R is at the Museum of History and Industry in Seattle s South Lake Union neighborhood.

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