WOODLAND, Wash. -- Police are looking for two men who allegedly scammed a Woodland business out of $12,000 using forged checks.

Brian Tsugawa, the manager of Tsugawa Nursery, said the scammers manufactured three fake checks using the business s name, and cashed them in.

September is hard times for us, Tsugawa said. It's hard enough doing business, let alone with today's challenges. To have this happen right now, it's devastating. It really hurts.

Police reported the men cashed the checks in Kelso, Kalama and Longview. An investigation is ongoing, but investigators believe they know who the men are and are trying to find them. Police said the suspects are from the Portland area.

They are creating the loss to the businesses and to the banks, said Woodland police officer Geary Enbody. Everybody ends up paying for the loss for theft. Nothing is free. Somebody has to pay for it somewhere.

The two men are also believed to have scammed several other businesses in Clark, Lewis and Clackamas counties. In total, investigators said they have stolen more than $25,000.

When arrested, police said the men will be charged with forgery and theft.

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