SPOKANE, Wash. -- No one ever wants to think about sex offenders living near them, but that is not the only place that your family could be at risk. KREM 2 News looked into which Spokane schools had the most registered sex offenders living nearby.

Using Spokane County's online database, KREM 2 checked for sex offenders living within one mile of each of Spokane's 34 elementary schools. The schools with the most offenders living nearby were Roosevelt, Holmes, Whitman, and Audubon Elementaries.

I can only imagine the walking around they might do, whether it be during school hours or afterward. it's shocking, said parent Sarah Murphy.

Nearly 40 sex offenders lived near Roosevelt Elementary. The offenders were levels 1, 2, and 3. Several of them lived at the same location, less than five blocks away from the school.

I think it's really scary and I know the school does its own precautions, said parent Rebecca Filla. But I see kids walking home and off the school premises. They're kind of fair game to those kinds of people.

It's information that we are aware of and we have security actually dedicated to this very issue, Erica Hallock with Spokane Public Schools responded. So, we're constantly working to protect our students' safety.

Parents may not realize sex offenders can live just about anywhere, unless a specified condition of their release prevents them from doing so.

Authorities said, however, even if your child attends one of these higher-risk schools, it is not a reason to panic. They advise parents to talk to kids about staying safe, no matter where they live.

At the opposite end of the county s database were Indian Trail and Woodridge Elementaries, which had zero sex offenders within one mile.

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