SPOKANE, Wash.--A local man is furious following a recent Spokane break-in. Yet, he is not just angry with the suspected thieves. Derrick Oliver said he is mad at police for not showing up because he could see the thieves as he spoke to 911 dispatchers.

Oliver said he was with friends when their vehicle was broken into along Bernard Street in Downtown Spokane earlier in the week. He claimed the thieves took a backpack with an iPhone and keys in it.

The man used the smartphone app called Where s My iPhone to track his stolen phone. The app tracked the phone to a nearby Downtown Spokane apartment complex. Oliver said that is when he spotted the suspect.

We saw the people who stole it come out of the building, wearing the backpack that was stolen, said Oliver.

The group confronted the alleged thief immediately. Oliver said the suspect claimed the bag was his and did not belong to Oliver.

He then watched the suspect begin to jog away. Oliver chased after him and called 911. He said he gave dispatchers updates as they ran through the streets on Downtown.

Yet, not long into the chase, Oliver realized that help was not coming.

Ten minutes later, I was like, is someone going to come or am I going to just keep telling you where I am? he said.

Oliver said dispatch told him every officer was tied up on other calls.

In the moment, I wasn t that frustrated, or more frustrated that we lost the people, added Oliver. But as I was riding my bike home, I thought about it and was fairly frustrated. We put effort into doing it the right way but then not yielding any positive results from it.

Oliver sent a complaint to the Spokane Police Department via Twitter. SPD said they will continue to look into it, but said this was not a priority call.

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