PORTLAND-- A Frost Advisory has been issued for Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning for all of western Oregon and southwest Washington, the National Weather Service announced.

Freezing temperatures will be possible from the coast to the gorge. Outlying areas like Hillsboro, McMinnville, Battle Ground and the Salem metro area will have the best inland valley chance to see 30 to 32-degree temperatures.

Freezing in the city center of Portland looks less likely, but spotty locations could see frost. The record low for Portland International Airport on May 1 is 29 degrees. The latest spring freezing temperature at the airport is 32 degrees on May 2nd.

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Suzy Hancock, manager of Portland Nursery says plants that have been put into the ground over the last week or two are at highest risk for frost damage.

Flowering perennials that have been in the ground for years will likely be adjusted to our sometimes-cool spring air, she said.

Hanging baskets and other annuals should be protected before the frost hits. Flower beds can be covered with a plastic trash bag, old bed sheet or specially-designed thin frost blankets. The thinner the weight of your blanket cover, the best.

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