PORTLAND -- A Portland man with ties to the Boston bombing suspects family opened up to KGW Saturday morning.

Ruslan Yusupov met the suspects uncle, Ruslan Tsarni, about 15 years ago on the East Coast. Yusupov said he hasn t spoken to Tsarni in several years, and never met his nephews Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, but said he is shocked to learn of their alleged crimes.

Raw video: Uncle calls Boston bomb suspects 'losers'

Why could you do that? Yusupov asked. Just shocking, still. I m hurt, you know. Everybody (is) hurt.

Yusupov described the family as generous and open-minded and doesn t understand why the brothers bombed the Boston Marathon. He thinks the boys perhaps got involved in drugs, or were influenced by a terrorist organization.

Somebody pushed them, bad guys, he said.

Yusupov expressed fear that people might blame his Chechen culture for the attack.

It s not a Chechen genetic, it s not in our DNA to harm innocent people, he said.

He said he is praying for the families of those killed and for the injured people.

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