PULLMAN, Wash. -- Madeline Fouts was the first suspect arrested for an attack on a Washington State University professor.

The victim, Dr. David Warner, is still fighting for his life at Sacred Heart Hospital.

People on campus say they re relieved to know police are identifying suspects, but they re surprised to hear about Fouts s alleged involvement. While she was not directly engaged in the physical assault, according to police, she does face felony charges of rendering assistance and for providing false statements.

The violent event, caught on surveillance video, is familiar to criminal justice student Haley Scott, who s been scanning the pictures of the assault. Wednesday, she learned she know someone who could be partly responsible.

When I went back just a few minutes ago, I could see the features that could lead someone to believe it was her, she said.

Scott knows the suspect from high school volleyball.

She was a really nice person. She was kind of quiet, but had a lot of energy. This is definitely not something I would have seen from her. It was definitely shocking to hear.

Scott was one of dozens at a press conference in Pullman, where police announced Fouts as a suspect.

At this point in the investigation, it appears she was with the other suspects and she did render some assistance, Chief Gary Jenkins said.

Joshua Nantz was also arrested. He s charged with first-degree assault. Fouts is currently out of jail. Police are searching for two other suspects.

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