Mulino -- Clackamas Sheriff's officers found Wally, but were a little surprised when they did.

Officers received a tip about 4pm on Monday that there was an alligator in a shed off S. Marshall Rd in Mulino. When they got there they found Wally, a 4 foot long alligator.

He was in good condition and appeared he was being taken care of but his owners are believed to be in the process of moving and had left Wally behind, or at least left him in the shed.

The Sheriff's office called NW Herpetological services to come and get Wally and care for him. They estimate Wally is between 12-14 years old

Since he looked to be in good condition no charges will be filed at this time. However the Sheriff's office said owning alligators in prohibited in Oregon without a special permit. There was no permit for ownership of Wally.

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