WARRENTON, Ore. A woman in Warrenton was arrested Thursday after she texted a police officer and offered to sell him drugs.

Just before 3 p.m. officer Ray Ayers turned on his department-issued cell phone as he started his shift for the day. He immediately got a text and a voice mail from a woman calling herself Diana , saying she had some stuff for him, said Chief Mathew Workman with Warrenton police.

Ayers thought the messages could be a joke, but decided to play along anyway.

He continued to text back and forth with Diana to find out what kind of drugs she had, and how much they cost. He eventually agreed to meet with her, Workman said.

They agreed to meet at the Warrenton Fred Meyer and do the deal. Ayers, along with another officer and two deputies, met up with 48-year-old Diana Cochran from Longview at 2:45 a.m. Friday.

Officers searched Cochran and found methamphetamine, marijuana, prescription drugs and drug paraphernalia. She told the police that she was given the number from a person at a hotel named Wayne, and she thought she was contacting him.

Cochran was arrested and charged with attempted delivery of controlled substances and booked in the Clatsop County Jail.

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