SALEM -- A Woodburn priest pleaded guilty to sexually abusing a 12-year-old boy and was sentenced to six years in prison Monday.

Police arrested Father Angel Perez last August after a boy staying with him said he was fondled.

The 12-year old said he had run away from Perez to find help. The boy was found by neighbors who said Perez was running after him.

Investigators said Perez inappropriately touched the child, gave him alcohol and took photos of him on a cell phone.

The Woodburn police probable cause statement was written after interviews with the victim, his family, and Perez.

Theprobable cause document said the following:

The boy told his parents that he was going to spend Sunday night at Perez' home. The priest had asked his parents several days earlier about a camping trip to the mountains with the child. At the home, they watched a movie.

The priest had arranged for the boy to sleep on an air mattress. The boy was awakened by flashes. The boy opened his eyes and Perez was next to the air mattress, one hand holding the cellphone and the other fondling the child.

The boy said the priest was wearing underwear and a T-shirt and that his own underwear and shorts were pulled down to his knees.

The priest went upstairs, returned as the boy was leaving and asked him come back to bed.

The boy ran out of the house as the priest gave chase. He found some people standing in a driveway and told them Help me, a guy is chasing me.

He asked a man there to drive him to his sister's house in Woodburn. The sister said she and her husband were awakened by a constant pounding on the door. It was her brother, who told her Father Angel touched my privates. The child was clearly frightened and shaking.

Perez was put on leave from his position at St. Luke's Catholic Church during the investigation and held in the Marion County Jail.

Background: Boy says Woodburn priest fondled him

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