SPOKANE, Wash. -- The principal at Hamblen Elementary School warned parents and students to be alert during a press conference on Tuesday.

Dr. Rita Forsythe said that a man tried to lure a 3rd grade girl around 8:45 a.m. The principal said the incident happened across the street from the school along Crestline.

A man approached the girl after the parents dropped her off for school according to Principal Forsythe. The girl described the man as having dark features. She believed the man was in his mid-40s.

The man allegedly touched the girl s shoulder and her that parents did not want her at school according to Forsythe. He then offered to take the student home.

It's even more troubling that someone would put their hands on a student and try to coax them into their vehicle, said District Resource Officer Walt Pergram.

This little girl was very smart, added Forsythe, she said no , and ran away and ran onto school grounds.

Forsythe said that girl noticed the man getting into a black SUV.

Hamblen Elementary School leaders said the description matches luring attempt which happened in December. School leaders sent a letter home to parents.

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