VANCOUVER Health officials from Clark County closed Billygan s Roadhouse in Vancouver Friday after they suspect 22 people got sick at the restaurant.

County officials suspect viral gastroenteritis, an illness such as Norovirus that has symptoms of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, as the culprit pathogen.

The restaurant will be closed for at least 48 hours while all surfaces and equipment can be sanitized and potentially contaminated food discarded, said Don Strick with Clark County Public Health.

The manager is cooperating with officials to ensure conditions at the Salmon Creek-area restaurant meet health standards, Strick said.

People with the illness recover in an average of 27 hours and do not usually need medical care. Viral gastroenteritis can cause dehydration in the young and elderly and those who have other health issues.

The illness is highly contagious and food contamination can occur when people fail to properly wash their hands.

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