COLVILLE, Wash. -- One student was caught with a knife, gun and ammunition in his backpack on Thursday according to Colville School District employees. District leaders confirmed that the Fort Colville Elementary School student and a friend admitted to wanting to hurt as many as seven students.

Both 5th grade students were expelled and were taken into police custody, said Superintendent Michael Cashion.

He credits another student for warning school staff. The boy spotted a knife in another student s backpack and notified staff at Fort Colville according to Cashion. School administrators searched the backpack. Cashion said they found a knife, gun and ammunition. However, Cashion added that the gun was not loaded.

The student admitted that he and friend planned to hurt his girlfriend. Both students were then questioned according to Cashion. Both students then confessed to wanting to hurt other students as well.

District leaders could not confirm how the students obtained the weapons. Police are working to track the gun through registration.

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