Potty training technique, every parent has one. It s the tried and true method that finally gets your kid to put their poo where it belongs. My techniques involved cheerios, m&m s and a potty song I made up, in a fit of desperation. Apparently, that s old school.

Are you ready for the future of potty training? It s called the iPotty. It s a typical portable potty chair, except with a removable stand for your iPad so your kid can take care of business while playing a game or watching a video. If you re thinking, gross, I don t want messy hands on my iPad, there s a plastic screen guard to protect your precious tablet. And I ll bet that s not all you're thinking.

CTA Digital unveiled the iPotty at the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas. It goes on sale for $40 in March on Tell us what you think on our Facebook page. Would you buy the iPotty?

Infant Sleeper Recall
Fisher price is recalling 800,000 Rock n Play Sleepers because of a risk of mold exposure. So far about 16 infants have gotten sick with respiratory problems and infections after sleeping near the mold. If you have a Rock n Play Sleeper inspect it for dark spots under the removable seat cushion. You can contact Fisher Price for cleaning instructions at (800) 432-5437 or online at

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