BOISE -- An accident has people clamoring for more safety measures at a Boise sledding hill.

People come here under the assumption that this is a safe place to take their kids. But, the safety precautions haven't been taken. A car ran over a little kid yesterday, said Mathew Cook.

Cook was enjoying a day of sledding with friends Saturday at Simplot Hill, and happened to be shooting some video of the action. He captured a shocking scene.

People had been trying to catch sledders before they slid into the street, but a young boy squeaked by, and slammed into a car.

The kid came launching down like a missle, said Cook. I just took off, and I wish for myself, that I could've ran faster... There was a blue sedan that was coming, probably 10-15 miles per hour... I saw the rear passenger side tire run him over. I heard the sound... He laid there, bloodied up, moaning.

Lt. Brett Quilter with Boise Police says the boy was taken to the hospital with head and face injuries. With all these accidents sledding, everyone's having a good time out here. But, it's real easy to get hurt.

Police say the boy's injuries aren't life-threatening. But Cook says, they could've been. I wouldn't physically stop someone from coming up here and sledding. But, I personally witnessed something that forever changed my life.

So, early Sunday, Cook and some friends taped off the hill, put up signs, and advised everyone who came to sled that conditions on that part of the slope were too icy. Also, he said there wasn't enough room to stop before the street.

Probably 15 people stopped and read them, and then turned around and left, said Cook.

He doesn't believe people need to completely stop sledding on the hill, but that more safety precautions need to be taken, so something like this never happens again.

It was a terrible experience, said Cook.

There is a sign up already on the hill that says to sled at your own risk. Cook doesn't think that's nearly enough. He hopes the steepest parts of the hill can be cordoned off, or that hay bales or a fence could be put at the bottom of the hill.

The hill is part of the Simplot property donated to the state for use as the Governor's Mansion. The Governor isn't currently staying there, and has said, he has no plans for how to use it.

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