SPOKANE -- A call from Sacred Heart Medical Center hospital securityabout a suspicious man with a weapon reportedly turned out to be nothing.

Several dozen Spokane police officers swarmed the perimeter of the hospital Friday night. The suspicious person was reportedly in the parking garage of the doctor's building. Police combed the structure and the outside of the building for hours but could not find anyone.

The doctor's building houses doctors, nurses and a day surgery center. It is a separate building from the main hospital, which houses the emergency room.

Police said it is possible that someone had a weapon. They did not describe what type of weapon because they did not turn up a suspect. The hospital staff in the doctor's building were asked to find a safe room and stay there until given the all clear by police.

Hospital security and police also locked down the sky walk, which connects the main building and the doctor's building.

Police cleared the scene shortly before 11 p.m.

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