SPOKANE -- The young wife of a murder victim is demanding justice for her husband s murder one week ago.

Police arrested 29-year-old Louis Hanson for the shooting death of Aaron Cummings, a crime detectives determined was gang related.

Amber Cummings, 25 said her husband trusted whoever called him to the house where he was shot on Dec. 30. He said he would only be gone 20 minutes, but he never made it home to his wife who was waiting just eight blocks away.

I still can t even wrap my head around the fact that he is never going to walk through that door again, she said.

Cummings admitted her husband had a history with gangs, and other crime, but said that did not mean he deserved to die.

Police arrested 29-year-old Louis Hanson for murder. Investigators initially named someone else as a suspect based, and said witnesses purposefully mislead them about the real killer.

This guy could've got away. He could've left Spokane and the cops wouldn't have time to catch him because they had the wrong guy. I mean, I have so much anger, Amber said.

Aaron Cummings leaves behind four children, including a baby.

Amber said she will have to postpone his funeral until she can afford to pay for it.

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