PACIFIC, Wash. -- The City of Pacific City Council voted Wednesday night to purchase a last-minute offer for insurance, which will allow Pacific to remain a city.

City Council President Leanne Guier says the new policy comes at a higher cost and provides lower coverage, but it at the very least will buy time to keep the city functioning.

The current policy ends January 1st. It refused to extend its policy because it considered Pacific too much of a risk. City leaders say the company blames Mayor Cy Sun and $11 million in lawsuits against the city as a result of his actions.

You need liability insurance to operate the city, the employees need to have some sort of liability coverage, coverage on all the vehicles, coverage for anyone that may get hurt, said Leanne Guier, Council President.

It s all in the air and we don t have a clue, said John Richardson, a Pacific resident for more than 30 years.

According to Guier, Pacific was turned down at least a half dozen times before finding this offer.

Mayor Cy Sun was last seen at a meeting on December 3rd when he stormed out. He hasn t been seen since or returned any phone calls from city leaders.

Regardless, city council members can still approve the policy without him. Pacific had considered voting to annex with the City of Auburn, but that option is on hold if council accepts the new coverage.

All we need is insurance to keep going and work our problems out, said Richardson.

If city leaders approve the new policy Wednesday night, resident expect the attempt to recall Mayor Cy Sun to pick up steam again. A drop in donations has prevented attorneys from being paid and continuing the effort.

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