BELLEVUE, Wash. -- Four people were injured after an escalator malfunctioned at the Bellevue Square Macy's Thursday night.

Two adults in their 30s and two children, from separate families, were transported to a hospital with minor injuries.

Nicole Johnson and her family were near the escalator when it happened. Johnson said, they're buckled at the top. They're definitely layered and lifted up about a foot off of the ground.

Mall management says, while the escalator was installed in 1982 when the center opened, it's maintained regularly.

GM Robert Dallain says, (The escalators) are monitored daily, weekly and monthly. They're inspected, they have maintenance programs.

The Kemper Development Company released a statement late Thursday night, saying:

All escalators throughout Bellevue Square are frequently inspected by the escalator contractor and monthly by the state (Department of Labor and Industries). Kemper Development Company, owners of Bellevue Square, will continue to work closely with the state to determine the cause of the mechanical failure.

Mall management said inspectors will be brought in to determine the cause of the malfunction. All escalators at Bellevue Square will also be examined.

The Johnsons say the scare is enough to make them start using the stairs.

It's scary, I'm never walking on it again.

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