PORTLAND - Newly released court documents provide some new details into the deadly shooting rampage at Clackamas Town Center.

They include where the suspect got the gun and who alerted police.

The night before the shooting, the suspect hung out with friends who said Jacob Roberts complained he needed a gun and needed to get out of town.

The next morning, one of those friends woke up to find his AR-15 semi-automatic rifle missing. Police said Roberts had taken it.

Roberts opened fire in the mall lastTuesday, killing two people and injuring a third before taking his own life.

A search warrant in the case described the fast-moving investigation. Officers said early on they got a tip from the shooter's roommate that Jacob Roberts may be the gunman.

He told police Jacob had been acting 'weird' and talking about moving to Hawaii and selling his possessions on Craigslist.

He also found a box of ammunition in the suspect's home. Police were able to confirm Roberts' identity through a family member because the 22-year-old had a specific tattoo on his left arm.

KGWReporter Kyle Iboshi contributed to this report

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